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Wednesday, June 09, 2021


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Barbara H.

Oh gosh, things are brutal in your neck of the woods! Hope the rain comes in time and your temps moderate to more normal ranges.


I think the weather has been odd everywhere. Similar situation here with very hot, then extremely windy than back to very cold. My breezeway looks like a garden center awaiting their new homes.


It has indeed been a strange spring. I hope your weather improves, just as I hope we start getting some rain, though we are probably mostly done until fall.


Normal is over. Your poor plants--one extreme to the other! Best wishes for cooler weather and some rain.

Kris P

I can sympathize with the early morning garden chores. I'm sorry you've experienced such dreadful heat, especially as you've had such a variable spring. We were lucky to have a stretch of cool weather (mid-60s-low 70sF) for a few weeks, courtesy of our morning marine layer but the forecasters say that we're headed into a period of steadily rising temperatures beginning this week. Rain remains a foreign concept - my total since October 1st (the start of our "water year") stands at 4.08 inches, making it the second worst year for rain since I've been keeping records here.


Yes, it's been uncomfortable--for us and the plants. I'm trying to water only the main gardens and let the "natural" areas (at the back of our half-acre lot) take care of themselves. I can't believe how quickly everything dries out after watering. I'm really dousing the main gardens and then skipping a day or two, and then re-watering. One thing we need to keep in mind are the types of plants we have here vs. those in a more xeriscape garden. Some of our plants are drought-tolerant; others are not. So comparing to SoCal...doesn't really translate. I'd have a totally different garden out there.

Linda Brazill

Thanks for all your comments. Weather continues hot and dry. But the entire back garden has been well-watered, some planting done and now on to watering the front garden. Feeling more upbeat.

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