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Wednesday, July 28, 2021


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Oh wow! This is quite a project! I'm thinking about your garden, and wondering which side of the house you go around. Left? I don't think we walked around that side, but I'd think it would be impossible to go around the right side, at least from the driveway.

Barbara H.

This is a HUGE job but everything should be much easier to maintain in the future. Congratulations on all the forward progress in the heat of summer.

danger garden

Oh gosh, memories of moving the gravel and sand layers for our patio into the back garden. That's a lot of work!

Linda Brazill

KRISTIN — Yes, Mark and his helper are using wheelbarrows of dirt and gravel around the left side of the garage since that is a sloping path rather than stepping stones etc. Then he made a ramp into the "pond" where they dump the material and then Mark rakes it into place and gets it even. Mark has done quite a bit of heavy work on this project but he has a helper who is strong and really moves the material efficiently.

Linda Brazill

BARBARA — We had a nice break in the weather but could not get the gravel delivered. They worked on it today from 7 - 10 a.m. so it was hot but not as bad as it was going to get.

Linda Brazill

DANGER — Since you've done that kind of work you really understand what is involved. I am constantly amazed that this is all being done by hand using wheelbarrows, because there is no longer any access to the back garden for machinery. But it suggests that you can do a lot on your own if you have the strength and energy and know-how.

Kris P

And here I complain when I have a truckload of mulch to spread ;) I can only imagine the effort involved in spreading that much rock! I hope the weather doesn't present an issue. The weather forecast I heard this morning suggested that severe storms are headed your way.


Oh my goodness! Big project. I know it will be incredible when you're done, because everything you've created in your garden has been amazing!

Linda Brazill

BETH- Thanks for those kind words. I kept looking at the photo of me and wondering if I realized how white my hair is!


How nice to see so much progress, and spreading that final coat of gravel must be the most satisfying part of the job! I think you're going to love the new look.
Wish me luck. I think I'm going to get some more sand delivered for a new path project, but at least sand is easier to shovel than gravel :)

Linda Brazill

FRANK — This is the last layer in terms of the kind of material. But we are getting another 5 cu. yds. and then probably a smaller amount before it's entirely finished.

Lisa at Greenbow

This amount of difficult back breaking work is mind boggling. Do take care Mark. I don't want to read that you are crippled by this project. Either of you that is. I know it will be worth every drip of sweat and aching muscle. It is exciting at this point.

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