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Monday, July 19, 2021


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Very nice arrangements and fennel! It must be a good year for fennel; we received a similar-sized specimen from our CSA food share last week. Yum!

Kris P

If I had a Heuchera that floriferous, I'd be happy to display it all on its own too. I count myself lucky if I get a more than a couple of flower stems. I'm completely unacquainted with Veronicastrum (which I assume means it doesn't have a chance of growing here) but I like it a lot.

danger garden

That fennel bulb is fabulous! I once bought the most perfect stem of brussels sprouts I had to make them a centerpiece on the table because I couldn't cut them off and cook them...

Lisa at Greenbow

I too like these heuchera blooms. The look similar to Caramel blooms.
That fennel is amazing.

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