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Friday, July 09, 2021


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danger garden

I know a lot of people who have issues with orange in the garden. I (obviously) am not one of them.


Hi Linda, I've come to love certain shades of orange in the garden. The orange foliage of several of your plants attracts me. I do grow Orange Rocket barberry, and I noticed that I love orange against dark purple leaves like my very dark ninebark (I can't remember the name.) I say that more and more these days. Ha! Another thing you mentioned really struck me. Because of our hard freeze that lasted for two solid weeks below zero in February, a lot of really tough plants died all the way to the ground. I love 'Ogon' spirea, and it did that too. So, I chopped it, and now I like it much more than I did before. The daylilies and other plants around it were also happier with more sunshine. ~~Dee

Kris P

I love all the touches of orange in your garden. It was never one of my favorite colors in the past but I've a lot of it now, and red too, which I formerly strictly avoided. I wish I could grow more of the colorful Heucheras but, at present, only 'Marmalade' has tolerated our hot, dry conditions.

Barbara H.

Isn't it fun to see the changes in our gardens and our perceptions about them? These all look like lovely inhabitants.


Your oranges are subtle and beautiful. Orange can really scream. Yours speak in a elegant tone.

There's lot of yellow in my garden, and it must be my least favorite color, but the plants look great, are healthy, there they are. Sometimes the plants get to pick, not the gardener, because the plants often know better.

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