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Wednesday, July 07, 2021


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Barbara H.

I got behind on reading but now I'm caught up. I'm glad you've been able to get some work done in your garden but also been able to get out and about. And to be able to host a gathering, too! It's great news.

Linda Brazill

BARBARA — Looks like we are going to have some cooler weather for a while so that will make working outdoors much nicer. Just ended 3 days that hit the 90°F.  Ugh. Our coffee group  are all vaccinated and we were outdoors so it was very safe and was lots of fun as well.

danger garden

Yep... totally need to steal that coleus in pots idea. I can't ever come up with a place to sink them in the garden, and just one in a container looks silly. But en masse... excellent!

Kris P

There's a garden display I pass every time I go down the hill into town like that - I keep meaning to hike over there with a camera. I love the coleus idea. I was just looking at a selection of the plants at my local garden center but I couldn't think where to put them so I passed on by...


Haha, I just potted up a few caladium this afternoon in the hopes of getting an effect similar to that of the coleus. Mine are all in black plastic pots and not terra cotta, and they'll be lining a dirty concrete sidewalk rather than anything more esteemed, but I can dream, right?
I think simple effects can also be less maintenance... I hope!


Visiting botanical gardens always gives me ideas. Layanee DeMerchant turned me on to epimediums, and I've never looked back. I love them in my shade garden. They are so beautiful. Some of them have light orange leaves when they are new. ~~Dee

Lisa at Greenbow

I love all the colors of coleus. Put together like this makes me think of looking into a kaleidoscope.

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