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Monday, August 23, 2021


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Susie at pbmGarden

Oh, I just love your Thalictrum composition, Linda! Gorgeous.

Linda Brazill

SUSIE — ​Thanks. It is one of my favorites. It's so willowy but quite strong.

Kris P

I've always loved Thalictrum and even tried growing it in my former garden, despite knowing that my climate was way out of whack. Needless to say, the plant didn't last long. The coleus and clematis seedpods make striking companions. I can't help with the Sedum ID - Sedums are among a small group of succulents that don't like it here either.

Linda Brazill

KRIS — I love Coleus but am never sure how to use it. So this year, I am paying attention to blogs and FB to see what other gardeners are posting.

Barbara H.

These are all lovely, Linda.

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