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Thursday, August 19, 2021


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danger garden

Oh gosh...I could take a similar photo in my garden (the sky, not the shelf fungi). I need to take action if I want to keep my sun-lovers alive.

Kris P

The shade is very appealing in my view! Great photo of the tree-stump fungus - the angle and the trees behind help to create an optical illusion suggesting something much larger.


Oh my, look at the size of that conk! And what lovely bark that tree had. Was it an ash? The second picture is beautiful. We seldom look up to see that kind of view. Mark takes such good pictures! When I first read that you were going to take out your pond, I thought, "oh no!, not after all that work constructing it." But the result is just as serene and just as beautiful as before. I hope to see some wider angle shots of the newer features in your garden, connecting all the pieces in my head. Thank you for sharing it. It is a peaceful place to visit.

Linda Brazill

LOREE — Despite losing trees and removing them, this is still a really shady garden. Even in my sunniest spot, everything is leaning the same way to get more sun.

Linda Brazill

ELIZABETH — The tree was a Maple on the lot line and really was our neighbor's. I am enjoying it in this stage much more. I will post the finished pond re-do, when we do the last little bits that still need attention. We are both very happy with it.

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