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Monday, August 02, 2021


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What fun to make a discovery in your own yard! It's lovely, and I'm glad it's come into its own.

Barbara H.

It's sometimes shocking what happens when we aren't looking. For me, it's usually weeds or saplings of sweetgum trying to take over the world. Glad you had such a lovely surprise. It's beautiful.

Kris P

That's a nice discovery to kick off the week! I can't say I've had many of my plants surprise me like that after a period of benign neglect.


You've been busy, no wonder you missed the transformation!
For as much as I think I check every square inch of the garden on a daily basis things are still missed. I love the surprises :)


That is a beauty. The ugly duckling became a swan. I love how plants surprise us!

danger garden

Wow, it really has matured into quite the looker!

Lisa at Greenbow

What a nice surprise. It is like finding a lovely new plant in your own garden.

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