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Wednesday, August 04, 2021


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danger garden

Ah, looking fabulous!

Barbara H.

Love it!

Kris P


Lisa at Greenbow

I see that the Crane approves. So do I. I can't wait to see a pattern raked into the gravel. I can just see the ripples around the cranes feet as it stalks along the edges for a delicious koi.


Very nice. Very nice, indeed!


All the hard work has paid off. Things are looking great. How satisfying to have it all come together as planned.

Linda Brazill

Thanks for all the nice comments. Can't believe we're actually going to pull this off. Unlike digging the pond, this has all been handwork, including endless wheelbarrows of dirt and then quartzite chips into the back garden. We're happy with how it looks. The fun part will be playing with rocks around the edges and planting the edges.

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