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Wednesday, September 15, 2021


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Kris P

You've got so many woodland beauties I can only dream of , Linda. I actually tried planting Kirengeshoma palmata in my former, mostly shade garden but it failed even there. According to the Sunset Western Garden Book, it's supposed to grow here but it clearly wasn't happy - I expect the "regular water" requirement was a warning of sorts.


Beautiful blooms! I tried to start GB Lobelia here, but the rabbit ate them. I do have Calamintha, though, and they are swarming with bees. :) I love to hang out by the Calamintha at Olbrich to watch them.

Linda Brazill

BETH — ​I've got the Lobelia caged as it seems like the rabbits keep eating the newest plants. ​

Linda Brazill

KRIS — You are right about the water requirement for the Kirengeshoma. The one I have under an old crabapple tree and near a yew hedge, flowered as it's leaves turned brown and fell off. Just too dry even with extra watering.

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