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Monday, September 27, 2021


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Kris P

Pretty in pink, Linda! I grew a lot of the tall shrub Begonias in my former shady garden but they don't have a good chance of survival in my current garden. I inherited a few pink-flowered Japanese anemones here but, unlike the white variety in my back garden, sadly they're not looking bloom-ready this year.


Definitely pink perfection! The Anemones are really special. My garden is very green during mid-summer, too, although neighbors are losing trees, so there's increasing sun lately. The garden (and the gardener) will have to adjust.

Lisa at Greenbow

Prepossessing Pink lightens the garden.
Begonias are one of my favorites. Cigma is one of my faves too. Difficult to grow here.

danger garden

That's a stunning group of pink. My cimicifuga hasn't bloomed, I think they're in too much shade darn it.

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