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Wednesday, September 29, 2021


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I enjoyed reading this more than I ever thought I could enjoy reading about pond maintenance! It's great to hear about the process and thinking behind this big change, and I look forward to reading the rest.

Linda Brazill

KRISTIN ​I figured people were shocked when we said we were getting rid of the pond. So it would be worth explaining why we're doing it. ​ ​I am probably going to do a week or two or all the different projects that were involved.​

danger garden

I am looking forward to more in this series!

Kris P

As spectacular as you pond was, I entirely understand your decision. I've wanted a pond forever - I even talked about building one in our former tiny garden - but I've always known it could become a nightmare. Given the drought, the challenges in keeping out raccoons, and the maintenance required, we'll never have one here - heck, the maintenance of our fountain is a huge chore. I like your hybrid gravel/raked garden idea and look forward to seeing it evolve.


This all makes sense. And following Olbrich's gravel garden model makes sense, too. I'm always in awe of their gravel gardens...and your garden, too.


Ponds are a maintenance issue to be sure! You enjoyed it (mostly) while you had it, and then it was time for something else. Why not? Gardening is about change.

Barbara H.

Guess I'm going backwards in my reading. Missed this so catching up now. Yes, I was one of the shocked people but it sure makes a lot of sense and it's probably not only amazing but a testament to Mark's dedication (and yours) that it lasted so long. Looking forward to the coming posts about the changes.

Linda Brazill

BARBRA — I am finding I look at the gravel garden in a more focused way more often than I looked at the pond. I tended to pay attention to water lilies or a reflection but I think I rather just took it for granted. The gravel garden makes a statement that can't be ignored


It's interesting to hear your thought process and how the idea develops. Regarding the sustainable gravel garden, that's the main reason behind my choice of coarse sand for the paths. I've always liked packed earth paths, but the sand is easier to rake and keep weed-free and if it comes to it I can just seed grass or dig it under.

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