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Friday, October 29, 2021


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Your sister's jewelry is beautiful, and her story is very interesting. Did all of your siblings work in publishing? Do you all appreciate art so much?

Linda Brazill

KRISTIN — ​I never thought of it but 3 of the 4 of us did work in publishing. My favorite story about my sister Pat is the time at Rolling Stone when she looked up to greet whoever had come into the office and was rendered speechless. It was JFK, Jr. and Jesse Jackson!

Barbara H.

I love the studio god and his perfect little niche. I really enjoyed Pat's jewelry and reading about her journey into becoming a special kind of jewelry maker.

Kris P

The studio god is perfect for Halloween in his niche with cobwebs and leaves seemingly in suspended animation. Your sister's jewelry is incredible and the twists and turns in her career progression are inspiring.

Lisa at Greenbow

The Brazill ladies are certainly talented women.
Love the ceramic talisman and Pat's lovely jewlery.

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