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Friday, October 15, 2021


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Kris P

I love the toad lilies but the mushrooms are also quite impressive! I can't say I've ever seen such a display here even during the height of our rainy season.

Linda Brazill

KIRS — Everyone around here is commenting on how many mushrooms they were seeing. ​

danger garden

That Tricyrtis macrantha is just dreamy! While those mushrooms are fun.


Love that Arum, and your toad lilies are outstanding! I just planted some from a friend this weekend. I am looking over at my cyclamen that I'd expected to last about as long as a pot of hyacinths, and am wondering if I should plant it outside and see what happens. I don't really want to kill it, but I also didn't plan on having it be a permanent addition to the house plants. Decisions!

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