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Monday, October 25, 2021


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Barbara H.

Yes, that last photo is perfection.


I have to agree with Barbara above. Perfection!

danger garden

Lilacs in the fall?! Crazy. Perfect papyrus

Linda Brazill

DANGER — Weird weather spring and fall has caused lilacs to bloom.  No one has come up with a definitive explanation and no one knows if it means they won't bloom next spring when they should.

Kris P

Lohan and the Papyrus were made for one another!


Oh, nice touch. Definitely a dramatic exclamation point!


This post made me want to read more about papyrus, and I found this interesting article. Growing 16 ft. in its natural habitat!

Linda Brazill

CHRISTINE — Wow! 16 ft. would be more dramatic than I might want in my garden.

Lisa at Greenbow

I agree with all. That last photo is dramatic.

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