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Monday, October 18, 2021


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A heroic effort for anyone half his age, but at 75? Impressive, to say the least. And all that effort ended beautifully. I wonder -- does Mark find it a meditative and contemplative act to rake the gravel? His patterns are very nice indeed. Thank you for sharing the process. You have created an oasis in the midst of a chaotic world. No small feat, that.

Linda Brazill

ELIZABETH — Thanks for those kind words. Mark said to tell you that the first time I tried to say something to him when he was raking the gravel, he told me to Shut up! So he says that yes, it was contemplative, and he did not want any interruptions — vocal or other..

Barbara H.

Ha ha - Mark really, really gets into his work! This is a magnificent accomplishment and one that he will be able to interact with for a long time. Congratulations on these superb jobs - planning and creating the pond, maintaining it all these years and then deconstructing it and creating this wonderful new version of it.

danger garden

Such an undertaking, with a huge payoff. Thank you for the detailed coverage, this has been a fabulous series.


It's stunning.

Kris P

This was an incredible effort and I'm glad you documented it so carefully. How well does the raked area hold up to weather and critter traffic?


I'm so glad you shared the process with us, because I will appreciate it for so much more than its beauty when I see it in person. Congratulations to Mark! What an incredible project and wonderful result!

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