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Wednesday, October 27, 2021


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Beautiful! Your maples, and the cerecis too, are just stunning. Such rich color to herald in winter (and snow!). I can't complain about living in SoCal (after all, three-quarters of the world seems to want to move here), but so diappointed to discover that cerecis would not do well, not to mention martagons. And of course, we do not get such beautiful color either. What do they say? Love the one you're with? Your garden is a delight, and always a pleasure to visit. Thank you for sharing it.

Linda Brazill

ELIZABETH — Ah, if only gardeners could just "love the one you're with." I am always lusting after plants that only grow on the West Coast. I drool at all the things I see up and down the coast. I love my garden but it doesn't keep me from wanting what I can't grow!​

Kris P

I love seeing fall foliage color! Your Cercis and maples are remarkable. Someday, I hope to make an autumn pilgrimage to a part of the country that has lots of it. There's little of that here, although one of my Japanese maple has turned. Unfortunately, the leaves on my "new" Ginkgo are more brown than golden.


Yes, it's been a strange transition. So warm until recently, and suddenly cooler. I love your maples! Our oaks in the backyard are just starting to color and drop leaves. And I agree about the redbuds. We have one, and it's one of my favorite all seasons.


Beautiful maples. Where did you get your Acer mandshuricum? I’ve been looking for one to add to my garden.

Linda Brazill

KEN — Got it 21 years ago at the local botanical garden's spring plant sale. Alas, they don't have such interesting trees these days. ​

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