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Wednesday, November 03, 2021


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danger garden

I so admire those who can bulb, I cannot. I forget where they are and put a shovel through them, I hate the dying foliage and can't leave it to replenish the bulb. Thus I admire them in others gardens.

Linda Brazill

DANGER — Despite that bulb order, I am very much in agreement with your comment. In fact, I sliced into a big bulb as I was planting the Alliums. I am still trying to get rid of Alliums that are 20 years old and must be down almost to China. I can't find them but they manage to find the sun and appear in crazy places.

Kris P

I love bulbs, although I routinely experience frustration with the same kind of concerns that Loree describes. Few bulbs can be counted on to be truly well-behaved (unless they're planted in pots). Nonetheless I seem to plant more bulbs every year, albeit not any of those you mention, none of which would care for my climate. this year's minor success with lilies had me planting more of those this year, knowing that they may have a limited life span of just a few years.


Oh, wow. That Muscari reminds me of Spanish Lavender, which is an annual here. I might have to try it! I hope you end up loving your alliums. They are much loved in our garden.

Linda Brazill

KRISTIN — I have had hit or miss luck with bulbs. But they look so wonderful when I see them in someone's garden. And if they work, there's not much to do once they're planted.

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