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Monday, November 01, 2021


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That's a lovely display. Mark's new photos are beautiful.

Linda Brazill

KRISTIN — ​He went down to State St. once this summer, but has pretty much been concentrating on landscapes since the beginning of the pandemic. He has a fairly good printer so we are able to change them out when he has something new we both like. ​

Barbara H.

I am not surprised that you have a stunning but very unusual pumpkin collection, Linda. And yes, Mark's photos are elegant and very, very beautiful.

Kris P

Intriguing, as well as altogether fitting for the season. My eyes were immediately drawn to the pumpkin mine and it was interesting to read how it was made. No squirrels are going to chew through that one!


I love it when people are able to put a new twist on the Halloween theme. Your seasonal line up is lovely. And what about the “meteorite on a glass pedestal”? Very mysterious!

danger garden

Those "pumpkins" are just perfect, every last one.

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