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Friday, November 05, 2021


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Kris P

I'm glad you still have a good (as well as attractive) freeze indicator to fall back on. When I lived in an area that got freezes (usually light and brief), the only indicator I had to go on was the sight of neighbors' grass lawns.


Yes, the birdbath is my indication. Most of the garden is dormant or dead now, but I still have some hanging Fuchsias on the front porch that are still vibrant and growing. I can't take them down until they pass. ;-) I do bring in two hanging Fuchsias each year to overwinter them. I like your new water feature.

danger garden

Brrrrr. Since I would have to walk out of the house, through the back garden, and down to the patio to see our stock tank pond, I treat the leaves on various plants as my indicator—and of course the neighbor's roofs.

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