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Friday, December 03, 2021


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Kris P

Their foliage is even better than their flowers - and you know I don't say something like that often! I have a few hybrid plants in a pot but regrettably they haven't done well when planted in the ground in my climate.

danger garden

Those curls are one of my favorite things about cyclamen! After a couple of failed attempts to grow this plant in my back garden, I finally got smart last year and planted it out front (I previously assumed too much sun there). Success!

Linda Brazill

DANGER — One group of mine gets a more sun than the other but both are planted in a gravel garden as you can see. I figured that would be similar to tree and shrub roots which are a typical spot to plant them. 


That's exciting! I've never tried hardy Cyclamen. Your placing them near bricks and gravel makes sense to keep them warmer, too. Lovely plants.

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