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Monday, December 20, 2021


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Kris P

I'm sure I'd drool over the photos but as I can't grow many of the flowers they use (peonies!), I wouldn't be able to bring myself to purchase it - I already have a supply of books like that!

Linda Brazill

KRIS - Same here. I love those UK books and gardens but mostly for dreaming.

danger garden

Sadly it looks like it's not available thru our library. I remember in the days of in-person library visits I often requested inter-library loans. Perhaps there is a way to figure out how to do that online, homework!


Looks like a great book. Suggestions for cut flowers and arrangement elements are always welcome. Happy holidays!

Linda Brazill

BETH — ​Our family Christmas gathering got canceled and our coffeeshop group decided to take an Omicron break as well. ​So we loaded up on library books and groceries. A quiet holiday again. but we're healthy which is the important thing.

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