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Monday, January 24, 2022


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I feel like the constant "Omicron has milder symptoms" has many people just deciding to get it and get it over with. Very frustrating. We are in a blue county and city, but by no means as progressive as Madison. It's mind boggling how many people don't bother masking. When we were on our way to Verona in October, Jim's sister who had driven down from Minneapolis texted us to warn us that masks were still needed in Dane County. We said, "Umm yeah? And we never stopped wearing them in public anyway." It's interesting how different behavior can be among families.


...and masking is so easy.

Linda Brazill

It's pretty depressing to think that people can't do such an easy thing to protect themselves and others. ​Hard to look at how poorly the US ranks with other countries these days.


We definitely live in two different worlds. Here in rural Montana, very few people are vaccinated, almost no one wears a mask, and no one cares about COVID anymore. As far as I can tell, life has gone back to normal. Well, except for inflation, but that is another story.

Linda Brazill

SNOWGOOSE — When I look in the newspapers and see the number of people still getting sick and dying, it doesn't feel like normal for me. 

Kris P

Well, that's a notice sure to grab the attention of anyone who passes by, at least until it melts or snows again :) It's sad that a pandemic that's taken so many lives continues to be so politicized.

danger garden

Masks are still required indoors here in Oregon, thankfully. Although there is a movement to repeal. I don't understand how people can be such deniers.


I don't know where to start to comment. I totally agree with you. It's all become so complicated and divisive, and it's really quite simple. I don't wear masks outside, unless I'm in a crowd or near people. But definitely inside. I can't imagine not being vaccinated and boosted... Even people I previously agreed with are doing things differently now...

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