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Thursday, January 13, 2022


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Barbara H.

Hah! You are always so well organized and on top of things, at least from my viewpoint, that perhaps this disorder will prove in the long run to have a silver lining. Maybe a big re-think about the garden is trying to sneak in? In any case, you've had a difficult winter so any lapses will hopefully have a silver lining that is not visible at this time.

Kris P

Ha! Although in my part of the country we're lucky to have nurseries/garden centers open year-round, the stock in January is consistently ho-hum. That has me also perusing stock available through online companies. I have 2 lists on my desk right now with items I'm trying to justify buying - and that's despite the fact I placed an order in mid-November for plants that won't ship until March 7th. (I could swear that the shipping date was in early February 2022 when I originally placed that order...)

Linda Brazill

BARBARA — ​I am making lists of what to order and what not to be seduced by. I actually pre-ordered some shrubs for spring delivery from a local nursery last fall. But I am trying to think of less maintenance as well. so we'll see how I do. ​

Linda Brazill

KRIS — ​I have really gotten hooked on a few of the nurseries in other parts of the country. The big problem is shipping which is more and more expensive.

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