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Monday, January 31, 2022


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Kris P

You are an expert at redecorating with flowers, Linda! I love the arrangement with the ceramic platter. I was surprised to see Leucadendron "flowers" in photos 7 and 8. They can't be beat for their long-lasting display.

Linda Brazill

KRIS — Thanks for the id on the ​Leucadendron "flowers"​. I just grabbed a stem from the cooler at the grocery store and did not have any idea of what they might be.​

danger garden

I love how you appreciate the different stages of cut stems, moving them around. It always seemed like something everyone must do, until I realized it's not. I hope you find a wonderful bouquet to purchase!

Linda Brazill

DANGER — The fact that Tulip stems continue to grow after being cut is one of the real pleasures of them in a bouquet.


I think one of my favorite things about flowers is watching them change from start to finish. Last year I decided that I love bloodroot most when it's closed up for the day. And there are so many amazing stages of coneflowers that I can't choose a favorite. Thank you for sharing your vases.

Christine Vowles

I love fading tulips and how they change from somewhat rigid shapes to fluid gracefulness. For some reason they always remind me of dancers.
(Late with my comment but will post anyway.)

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