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Monday, January 10, 2022


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Well done! I always find it fascinating that interesting things look even more special when they are under glass.
You have such a great collection of vases and have inspired me to search for a few new ones this year. A good project to start off 2022!


It's all so lovely. You are such a source of inspiration for me, Linda.

Kris P

Your vignettes are always so intriguing, Linda. Unlike most floral arrangements which warrant a glance or two, your thoughtfully compiled collections deserve focused scrutiny. I also love the way you've rearranged your gift bouquets as the flowers and other plant materials aged.


Beautiful arrangements! And your hats and necklaces collection is awesome. Cyclamen is one of my favorite potted flowering plants, too. I had one for several years, and then it just gave up. Maybe I'll get another one one of these days. :)

danger garden

Lovely, everything! Your quote "I got a ridiculous amount of pleasure from re-arranging things" made me smile. I know exactly what you mean.

Linda Brazill

BETH — I haven't managed to keep a Cyclamen going and looking decent for more than a couple of years either. ​

Linda Brazill

KRIS P. — I think because i've looked at a lot of books about people's collection, I've really gotten into using things I have in every way I can think of. Otherwise they sit there and I don't really enjoy them to the degree that I would prefer.

Linda Brazill

KRISTIN — Thanks for those kind words. We're back to personal lockdown so I am really trying to find ways to make the indoors interesting since we are spending all our time here. Very cold today but a bit of a warming trend coming. 


Your arrangements are gorgeous! You are really good at them. They look professionally done.

White and green is such a pure combination. It refreshes the eyes.

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