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Monday, January 03, 2022


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Sounds like a wonderful book - I am going to look for it. Your garden re-design has been very inspirational to me as we look around at next garden steps, so the ripples are moving out to others as they are in the sand garden.


Kris P

I have two of Roy Strong's books on gardening in small spaces, purchased when I had a truly tiny garden, but I wasn't familiar with the last two you mentioned. I'm going to look for them!

Linda Brazill

CECI — What a lovely compliment. I am trying to make lists of what to order and what not to order. More shrubs, ferns and sedges and fewer flowers. We'll see how good I can be — or not be.​

Linda Brazill

KRIS — Check them out on Amazon where you may be able to look inside to see if it really interests you.

Barbara H.

Sounds like a great book. I ordered a book you talked about years ago (The Beckoning Path) and was inspired about dealing with my woods. Well, the woods defeated me - at least so far - so now I am going to read it again. Winter is a better time for working anyway - ticks, poison ivy, etc. I'll have to check out this book, too.

Linda Brazill

BARBARA — It's really a dream book. So many gorgeous gardens with trees and hedges that take a lifetime​ to achieve. But I did find a few ideas to consider.

danger garden

Such an inspiring blog post!


Love this. It was a beautiful and eventful year, wasn't it? Thanks for the book ideas.

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