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Thursday, February 17, 2022


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Kris P

Was that Persicaria planted in with the orange begonias in the last photo? I love coleus because of the wonderful range of color in the foliage. I usually cut off the flowers, though that's off for me! However, even here, most of the plants can't survive the winter outside, although I do have 2 in a protected pot that belie that statement.


Fuschias and Begonias are very, very popular in the PNW. I love the combinations you’ve shown, and of course I’m now wanting a coordinating umbrella to complete the look.

Linda Brazill

CHRISTINE — When we got an umbrella for the table on our deck, our problem was they were all too bright or patterned. We didn't want it to shout out all over the garden. After searching we got one that's dark brown. Not what most people would pick. 

danger garden

While I love adding begonias for their colorful foliage, I too find it hard to work in coleus. Much to the chagrin of a fuchsia loving friend I have no need for that entire genus in my garden...

Linda Brazill

LOREE — I'm adding two silver-leaved Begonias that will move inside for the winter. Most of those other plants are much harder to incorporate. ​

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