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Thursday, February 24, 2022


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Kris P

All the Olbrich containers are fantastic. I was surprised to see so many of them looked like something that could be seen in a Southern California garden, especially those shown in the first group. That mix also made me think of Loree's dangergarden during the warmer months.


Very nice! I agree about the artfulness and creativity of the Olbrich pots and displays. :)

Linda Brazill

BETH — Maybe the real reason I hardly ever do containers is that I am too intimidated by Olbrich's to give it a try!

Linda Brazill

KRIS — I think I like those Olbrich containers because they remind me of all the things you and Loree can do that I can't. Olbrich gets to play with all the things they can grow in their greenhouses which can be frustrating to those of us who don't have a setup for climate-controlled growing conditions indoors.

danger garden

Oh these are all very inspiring! (and I am flattered that you and Kris would reference my attempts)

As for 'Ascot Rainbow'—I am convinced this is a weak plant best treated as an annual or biennial.

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