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Friday, March 25, 2022


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Barbara H.

Hah! I read your blog for similar inspiration, plant identification and all around lovely pictures with edifying words.

Linda Brazill

BARBARA — ​Thanks for that nice compliment.

danger garden

I've planted rodgersia in too much sun and it wilts quickly and tends to get sunburnt. Perhaps the trick is to give it more water than I do?

And I agree with Barbara, your blog is very inspiring!

Kris P

You're always so thoughtful and discerning about your plant schemes, Linda. I wish I did a better job of research before planting...

I get a lot of ideas from other bloggers, although I steal ideas mostly from bloggers who have climates similar to my own. Instagram is becoming a useful source too, although I still prefer the broader context provided in blog posts.


Your blog inspires me. I planted a small toad lily 5 years ago and it is taking off. I love that mass planting. I follow both blogs you cited. I also Like Danger Garden and Rambling In The Garden.


There are so many gardens (including yours) and blogs and photos that inspire me. And the favorites (combinations and plants) keep changing from year to year. These are some great examples. Thanks for sharing!

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