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Monday, April 11, 2022


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Barbara H.


Kris P

I'm glad you found something easy to work with - and store, which is equally important. I've used store-bought gopher cages, placed upside down and anchored in the ground using lawn staples but those can't be sized to fit as your cages are.


Genius! So thankful you shared this method.


Wow, great ideas. Thanks for sharing! These are great for various sizes of cages. Another idea is to use upside-down wire wastebaskets from the dollar store, but their size is limited to smaller plants. The bamboo stakes are awesome. I've been using bent wires, but they work their way out over time.

Linda Brazill

KRIS & Beth β€” I've tried other kinds of containers but making my own when I need them seems to be the best way. I'll see how these hold up during the winter. ​

danger garden

With the word "season" in your title I thought perhaps I was going to learn that cages only need to stay in place for a certain bit of time, but it sounds like perhaps they're on for the rest of the gardening season? As our bunnies are back I'm learning fast what I need to do to minimize the damage.

Linda Brazill

DANGER β€” ​It's gotten very frustrating and I really need to try to capture some rabbits and take them to the country. I've found they eat lilies as they emerge but once they're a foot or so tall they ignore them and I can take the cages off. But I have a ton of things caged at the moment, mostly because they've been munched other years. I need to plant more of what's ignored.


That's genius!!! I have pricked myself so many times trying to hook together chicken wire! Thanks for sharing this.

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