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Friday, May 27, 2022


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Kris P

I love all these plants, Linda. I like to use big-leafed plants in my own garden but plants like that don't handle our dry conditions and summer heat as well as those with smaller, narrower leaves. Acanthus mollis is a case in point - while it did well in my former shady garden, it struggles simply to survive here. But I guess that's what succulents are for...

Linda Brazill

KRIS — I am pretty excited to have these plants really taking off. I like ferns and lots of delicate things so it really helps to have these big leaved contrasts. Also they're not Hostas which I think of as higher maintenance since I tend to cut the flowers off!


Rodgersia pinnate loves my yard and visitors are always in awe of it. It feels a bit prehistoric to me. I bring some to the our town plant swap every year and people go crazy over it!

Linda Brazill

MONICA — It's taken a while to achieve some size, but suddenly it's amazing. You are right about feeling prehistoric.

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