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Tuesday, May 17, 2022


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We can rail all we want against the coming of the night, but come it will nonetheless. I have had a few close calls of my own -- I understand the sense of betrayal and downright mystification as to why something that worked just fine yesterday doesn't work the same today. I am so glad to know that you were not injured! I admire your stamina (three-to-five hours at a whack!). I hope you do not let it spook you, but, instead, let it instruct you. And continue to rail. What is the option? Surrender? I think not. We have things to do.

danger garden

The "what-ifs" in a situation like this can be downright terrifying. I am so glad that you are okay!

Kris P

For whatever reason, I never even saw this post. I looked for it when I saw the comments on your Typepad post this morning. I'm glad you weren't hurt when the lantern fell. Can it be modified to link the pieces to one another to improve its stability?

Barbara H.

Clear Gorilla Glue? Joking - sort of. Scary but so glad you avoided injury. It's a beautiful piece.

Linda Brazill

ELIZABETH — Thanks for that lovely response. You are correct. We're not ready to go into that good night.


Power on. There is much yet to do, to learn, to understand, to savor, to enjoy! From this vantage point, we get to take the long view, and how satisfying it is. Stay well.

Lisa at Greenbow

I am happy to see that you are fighting the good fight. Sneak attack by the lantern will make you more sharp about the pit falls of the garden.
Everything is looking good.

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