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Friday, May 06, 2022


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Barbara H.

It's been a strange spring but even that brings its gifts. We were so up and down the plants were confused but now so many are showing out flowering together. Glad you found some treasures.

Kris P

Your slow progression into spring would make me crazy but your close attention to what's happening makes good use of the time you've spent on hold. At some point, hopefully soon, I expect your garden's going to explode!


I was proud when the hellebores began to seed out into patches, but I think it's a whole new level when the peonies begin to do the same. What also impresses me is when you say 'I'll move it tomorrow' you'll likely move it tomorrow. That never happens here!

Linda Brazill

FRANK — I will move it tomorrow (which is now today) because most things still aren't up enough to plant the dozens of plants piling up on my worktable. 

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