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Wednesday, June 22, 2022


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Susie at pbmGarden

I do hope the temps settle down so you can enjoy the Fling tour. We've had a few nice days but today the extreme heat is visiting NC.

Kris P

The temperatures have climbed here too and I'm following a similar playbook, trying to get my gardening done early in the day. Best wishes with the Fling tour, Linda. All real gardeners know that weather can't be programmed and will understand some singed leaves.


Have a wonderful Fling!

Barbara H.

Hope the Fling tour goes well and if the temps don't let up for the plants, I hope it is more tolerable for the visitors. How frustrating to have such a beautiful garden and be thwarted by the temperature.

danger garden

Lucky bloggers who get to visit your garden!


While you are sweltering, some of us here in the PNW are anxiously awaiting a few days when the temperature moves above 69°!
Best wishes for a fun Fling. It sounds like a lovely way to celebrate summer.

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