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Wednesday, June 15, 2022


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Barbara H.

I'm glad so much of your garden waited for you, Linda. We are undergoing the very hot temperatures, too, and it will be a while before they break. I hope it will be pleasant for your open garden on the 25th.

Susie at pbmGarden

Linda, your garden looks so inviting. Wish I could have made it to this Fling. Had been looking forward to meeting you and seeing this special space.

Linda Brazill

SUSIE - All the bloggers I know online aren’t coming. It would have been fun to meet you all in person. Hot, sunny and windy weather here making it difficult to get much done in the garden. I always want everything to be perfect and I don’t think it’s going to be this time. Oh well.

Kris P

Your garden is very floriferous, Linda. There's so much I love there, especially the peonies and the Thalictrum (both of which I've tried and failed to grow). The new-to-me Luzula is very pretty.

I was shocked by your temperatures as we haven't gotten anywhere near that kind of heat yet (although our inland valleys have gotten worse). Best wishes with your final Fling preparations.


How pretty everything looks! Wonderful.

I hope you get a long stretch mild weather before and during the Fling.


Glad you're back and the trip went well but wish it wasn't so hot for your return!
I'm sure you have a long to-do list but I also bet visitors would love your garden as is. Whatever you do don't forget to enjoy June!


Lucky are those bloggers who will soon visit your garden. To actually see the beautiful fence and gate that Mark built, not to mention the teahouse and your re-made pond would be a treat. To walk those carefully laid out garden paths beneath your lovely trees and betwixt the martagons and painted ferns? Downright magical. There are so many well thought-out details incorporated into your spaces - front, back and sides, and a little serendipity too. Your garden seems so peaceful to me, a refuge. I hope your guests enjoy it.


We're looking forward to visiting your garden, Linda! I guess you know me and Pam and a few others, right? Anyway, it will be warm, but your garden is always amazing. :) Thanks for allowing us to visit for the Fling!

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