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Wednesday, July 20, 2022


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danger garden

Perfect! There's a grocery store nearby with these planted in the parking lot. I will have to look for them at this stage.

Kris P

So artistic, at least when the seedpods aren't dropping en masse. My Magnolia grandiflora is in its peak leaf and flower petal dropping mode, which will soon be followed by its more aggressive seed cone dropping stage and I'm thoroughly tired of it already.

Barbara H.

I love locust pods. I used to have some - picked them up on the sidewalk when I lived in Portland. I think I finally let them go but I'll have to look around the house just in case they are tucked away somewhere. Mine were dark, too. I like this version just as well.

Linda Brazill

BARBARA — Years ago I picked up the biggest and most perfect shiny brown pods I could find in the fall. I put them in a big wood bowl for autumn decor. They are still in that bowl. I put it in a big plastic bag on a shelf in the basement until it's time to bring it out. They've stayed great looking.

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