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Monday, July 11, 2022


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Kris P

You have such a great eye - and a beautiful collection of this and that to satisfy where your mind's eye takes you. The napkin rings are very clever.


Your arrangements are always nifty. I often prefer the simple ones, and I tend toward them myself. My book club meets tomorrow evening. We were doing Zoom meetings during the worst of COVID, but more recently we're doing hybrids. That tart looks delicious!

Linda Brazill

BETH — Here's the NYTimes link where I first saw the recipe:

Linda Brazill

KRIS — Definitely more this and thats than I need.

danger garden

Perfect! I have more socializing in the garden lined up for later in the month than I've had for years, your post is just the nudge I needed to think about the fun details. You do them well!


Thank you for letting us be virtual guests to your book club preparations. What book did you discuss?
My club is meeting on Monday and we will be discussing “Fresh Water for Flowers”. (English translation of the French novel.) It will be interesting to hear what the others think since it was my turn to choose :)
I may just have to bring this tart because it goes perfectly with the French theme. Merci.

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