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Friday, July 01, 2022


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Kris P

Jolts of color like that can transform a garden. I like your name for 'Susan'. I looked up Lilium canadense and understand why you love it so. As my Sunset Western Garden Book doesn't even list the species, and given its native origins, I expect it wouldn't much like life in SoCal.

Susie at pbmGarden

Your pet name'Suddenly Susan' seems appropriate for this beauty.

Linda Brazill

KRIS P. — The people who tend to grow that Canada lily live in even cooler and more moist places than me. My new ones are half the size of the ones I planted a couple of years ago. But even they don't have as many buds as they typically should. They are so lovely that I'm really hoping they survive for me. 

danger garden

I love the way the different foliage surrounds your forever/suddenly Susan. It takes away a bit of her brashness.

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