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Wednesday, August 10, 2022


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Kris P

The bed looks fantastic, Linda. It's a joy when a plan comes together like that. I love the combination of the Geranium and the Allium and the Calamintha adds the perfect backdrop. How I wish Alliums were happier in my climate.


It looks great! I'm a huge fan of Alliums and Calamintha, too, for so many reasons. :)

Linda Brazill

BETH — Great plants I first learned about from Jeff at Olbrich.

Linda Brazill

KRIS - These Alliums seem well behaved. I am still trying to get rid of some I planted at least 15 years ago. Their seedheads are so attractive that it's nice to leave them in the garden but they can also haunt you forever. 


This is lovely - I will need to hunt around for the Alliums as I am not seeing them in my usual on line sources and need more Alliums as the deer become more and more interested in sharing our space. Of course, any hosta over population issues are being quickly addressed by the deer.


danger garden

"I am crazy in love with this bed"... that's the best part!

Susie at pbmGarden

I loved the hostas but your resdesign is wonderful Linda.

Linda Brazill

SUSIE — The Hostas were great but for such a short time. I can no longer easily dig and divide them and the extra sun was a problem. But their foliage is so spectacular.

Linda Brazill

CECI — I think that when our botanical garden features a plant like Allium 'Millennium' some of the local nurseries pay attention. Looking at my notes, I got one at the best local nursery and one at the botanical garden own sale.


It's nice to find a combo you love AND that needs so little maintenance. Win-win!

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