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Sunday, August 07, 2022


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Kris P

I love the market basket. I've wanted something like that to take to plant sales, not that there are many of those happening these days. Congratulations on the rain! I can still see thunderclouds in the distance to the east here but they seem to be stuck on the other side of the mountains. I hope your spell of cooler temperatures continues.


That's a great basket! I can think of so many uses for it. :) We got more than three inches over here in my part of McFarland. for the past 48 hours shows how it was kind of localized, but it looks like NE Iowa got the most from this recent system. No need to water the garden for a few days. Yay.


It is insufferably hot here in SoCal, and I feel like a mole, closing off the light to block the heat. Your rainstorm sounds marvelous to me! I miss the rollicking crack of a good thunder and lightening show (from the safety of the indoors, of course). Aren't farmer's markets wonderful? I'm so glad they are more common than they used to be. Imagine, actually finding ripe strawberries and peaches. What a novel concept!

Linda Brazill

ELIZABETH — When my sister lived in SoCal she always missed big thunderstorms. When we were growing up in Buffalo, we often got thunder during winter snowstorms which felt mysterious.

Linda Brazill

BETH — I am thrilled not to have to water for a bit. I was also watering part of Cindy's garden while she has been on a trip. So I am doubly happy with the rainfall.

Linda Brazill

KIRS P. — Found that market basket in an old antiques shop in one of the little towns around here. So glad I didn't pass it up as it was years before they started making similar ones again. It is so useful — and cool!

danger garden

That basket is fabulous and the things you filled it with look delicious. We hit 100 again yesterday and haven't had rain since mid June. It is very dry out there!

Linda Brazill

DANGER — Your weather definitely makes me rethink gardening in your area. I shouldn't complain about what I have or don't have weatherwise.


What a beautiful basket and love the perfect produce!
Glad to hear about the rain. It makes such a difference when a good soak comes through and perks up the borders.

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