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Friday, August 26, 2022


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Kris P

Garden gifts are the best! I hope the rain materializes as forecast.


How funny. I just returned from a day of visiting, and my car is filled with more daylilies than a person with construction to finish should have. Daylilies are lots more fun though!

Dee Nash

Hi Linda, great garden gifts indeed! I still have 'Husker Red' in my garden. I also love 'Dark Towers', which has pink flowers. I linked to your blog in my latest post yesterday. Thanks for your review of Jacqueline van der Kloet's book! I hope all is well in your garden. We need rain badly.~~Dee

danger garden

Agreed! I look around my garden and so many plants are ones that came from friends.

Linda Brazill

FRANK — ​I don't think you are allowed to garden in the Midwest without daylilies. Even with a mostly shady garden, I have enough to feel I am doing my duty. Have you got any late season, tall ones like 'Autumn Minaret' or 'Steeple Jackie'? Jackie has tall scapes with delicate yellow flowers. A beauty.

Linda Brazill

DEE — I've heard van der Kloet speak at least once in person, which was lovely. And I've seen her work in Millennium Park in Chicago. I have Dark Towers Penstemon but it will be fun to have Husker Red again.

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