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Monday, August 15, 2022


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Beautiful blooms, Linda. The rabbits ate my Great Blue Lobelias, even with fencing. Maybe I should try it in a different spot...

danger garden

I think I need to add some Belcamda chinensis 'Freckle Face' to my garden...



Kris P

Happy GBBD, Linda. Yay for the Agapanthus! I hope they live long and prosper. I tried the peacock gladiola here but it wasn't happy and promptly disappeared. I love the new-to-me Geranium 'Perfect Storm' and will have to look into whether it has a chance of survival in my climate.

Linda Brazill

BETH — It seems like there is nothing the rabbits won't eat. This has been a terrible year for them. The last tour I had, I left everything caged.

Linda Brazill

KRIS — I have a pretty good success rate with Geraniums. My biggest problem is rabbits keep eating them, so I have been caging them which is frustrating.

Linda Brazill

DANGER — I am loving the Belcamda, too. The seedpods are great but I've heard they can be a problem. We'll see.


I tried Gladiolus murielae for the first time this year, in a pot. Too hot and dry for them--all scorched. Yours are really gorgeous, just as they should be.

That's an elegant Hosta! I see why you leave the flowers--they are perfect with the foliage.

I sympathize--terrible rabbit problems in my garden as well--they love the geraniums here, too Grrr!

Lynda Robinson

Our garden is much neglected this year and after the hot weather here it has finished it off really, I still have some geraniums flowering and my sweet peas have done well this year.

Linda Brazill

LYNDA — I can't really complain here. Even though it is what I consider hot and somewhat dry. It is nothing like what you are dealing with in the UK. It is very scary wondering if this is a fluke year or the new normal. I hope the former and not the latter. 

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