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Monday, August 29, 2022


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I need to divide an iris to share with a friend, and I need to dig up another iris so I can get in amongst the roots so I can pick out all of the minute particles of ditch lily so they don't take over the bed again (love them, but not in my garden), but it's still too darn hot here. They teased us with potential low 80s this week, but now it's back to high 80s, low 90s, and no chances of rain after today. Yuck. Glad you are having a better August than we are.

Linda Brazill

KRISTIN — We've had so much miserable weather this summer, that it was strange to be planting all through August.​ Still have a big pile of things to get in the ground when it dries out. Between things dying from the winter, prepping for garden tours and working on unfinished projects related to the pond re-design, I have been busy all season. But mostly it's been fun. We really can't complain (though we do) when we compare our weather to so many other areas in the country.


My friend, this is not only August but almost September! There are those of us who would welcome 5.31" of rain in a year, much less in one summer month! The wonder of rain, in summer! You go ahead and enjoy it -- guilt free. Every area has its pros & cons. Soon it will be winter, which has become one of my favorite seasons of the year. Temperatures drop, tourists go home and, if we're lucky, a little blessed rain falls on our gardens. I love your little stone bowl of water tucked into that lush green. Bet the birds do too. Happy gardening, Linda. Enjoy every moment of it!

Linda Brazill

ELIZABETH — In Madison, late August is when the students come back. They are our equivalent to tourists in that they increase population in a limited area substantially, among other things. I love winter when I don't have to drive anywhere in bad weather. Nothing nicer than sitting in front of the fire with a book and a cup of tea.

danger garden

I just can't imagine! We're on day 54 with no rain which puts us in the top 5 driest streaks on record here. Headed to 98 tomorrow...

Barbara H.

Enjoy the blessing of your good weather. Your winters are challenging so it's nice that you are having an unexpected respite at the end of summer.

Kris P

That sounds like heaven, Linda. Good for you in making the best of it too!


Yes, we've been very fortunate this summer here in our little part of the world. I'd almost feel guilty because of the struggles of other areas, but every year is different. It's great to enjoy this summer. The garden seems very happy. :)

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