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Wednesday, September 14, 2022


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Here's hoping your majestic friend comes to dinner often. I am sorry to hear about the other incident. It shouldn't shock me that people would actually steal, but it does. Unlike your winged friend, I hope you've seen the last of him. Be well.

Kris P

We often have hawks in the vicinity but I don't think I've ever gotten a shot this close - I have to get out a telephoto lens to get a halfway decent photo. If you'd put the pot out on the street with a "free" sign its removal would be fine but stealthily moving it from your property is tacky in the extreme.


Aren't people interesting - I'm trying to imagine stealing an ornamental pot. You certainly couldn't then enjoy it in your own garden.... A visiting hawk, on the other hand, is very enjoyable. We had a small hawk that periodically caught and ate a rat while sitting on an arbor in our garden; it was very exciting and he had a very fierce look, there was no doubt he would eat us if he was big enough.


danger garden

Dammit! What is wrong with people. I have to admit I was puzzled by the photo, before I read why the pot was sitting there on it's side. It didn't seem like a display you would come up with!

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