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Monday, September 12, 2022


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Kris P

You more than deserved that rain, Linda, and I'm happy that you got all those plants in the ground beforehand. The remnants of Hurricane Kay in the Pacific reached us when I'd just about given up hope. It hit the San Diego area hard but, after spitting at us for a few hours, we got several more hours with slow, steady rain. We racked up 0.6/inch, which isn't bad for us. Our "water year" starts October 1st but we probably won't get any "normal" rain until November at earliest.

danger garden

Yay! Glad your planting spree was rewarded. We got rain last night too, .03"! Just enough to make a mess of the dust on my car...


My rain gauge was at 4.5 inches this morning; the official amount was about 4 inches (according to Some areas northeast of Elkhorn got more than 10 inches! It's so unusual for this time of year, especially. I'm certainly not complaining about the rain we got, but it seems like we've had about the right amount this summer. It has been hot, but over here in McFarland we've had just enough rain. The days ahead look great. Happy late summer/early autumn gardening!

Linda Brazill

BETH - I think the hot weather made it difficult to realize we were getting enough rain until you looked at the numbers.


We got rain too! I went out on the patio to watch it and just grinned! Got wet, too.
The sound of it! The smell of it! Wonderful. It came courtesy of the hurricane; not a big bad wolf hurricane, but a little itty bitty baby one. It rained off and on over the weekend, but mostly on Saturday. It was glorious. Big splooshy drops of wet. And, even better than anything else, it brought the fire that was coming alarmingly close to heel. It went from 5% contained and spreading, to 45% contained and contracting, and now its about 75% contained. Yes, this was a very good weekend.

Linda Brazill

ELIZABETH — ​Glad your rain had such a positive effect.

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