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Thursday, September 08, 2022


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Kris P

It's interesting to learn that the color of the seeds signifies their fertility. Now I'm trying to remember the color of the seeds produced by my Majorcan peony, the one and only member of the genus that's deigned to bloom in my garden. It didn't do so this year but I did get a few tiny seedlings on another occasion. They remained tiny even after a good year in the pot and I finally stuck them in the ground. Whether they'll ever be seen again is an open question.


They add wonderful color to both shrubs, those brilliantly colored berries. T

Very interesting coloration of the seeds on the Peony. I wonder what purpose that serves--attract birds to the infertile ones so the fertile seeds have a chance to drop and grow?


Wow, fascinating! Beautiful plants and seeds, and beautiful photos.

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