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Friday, September 02, 2022


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Kris P

A perfect pairing, Linda! And a nice way to recognize an admired artist.

Susan Adler Sobol

Hi Linda! A million years ago (only a slight exaggeration), Courtney Barnes mentioned Ravilious in a blog post (Style Court) which you commented on. That's how I discovered you! You told me you were writing your own post on Ravilious and asked if I would be the first person to comment on "Each Little World". I'm envious of your coronation mugs - his pieces have become unaffordable. My first introduction to him was sighting a plate in the window of an antique shop in London - I was intrigued by the subject - an airplane! (from his "Travel" series for Wedgewood). His prints are especially wonderful.
best, Susan

Barbara H.

This is a lovely tribute and you found a nice combination of flowers to fill your "vase".


That's a beautiful mug. Great art endures.

There are "warm" pinks (towards red side of color wheel) and cool pinks (towards blue side). Sometimes even those two pinks don't look right together.

Pink with yellow is often tricky, too, yet Nature does it beautifully--the 'Peace' rose, for example. As does your arrangement and the mug!

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