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Wednesday, September 28, 2022


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danger garden

Love the different colors and shapes! I have a friend who takes groups out foraging for mushrooms and she's having a rough year because it's so hot and dry here.

Kris P

Always interesting. My SIL gave me a mushroom kit for Christmas last year. A nearly rain-less garden isn't the best place to grow mushrooms but I prepared 2 areas and "planted" the spores anyway. A few came up in one area but I couldn't clearly tell them from those that periodically appear here without assistance during our rainy season so I didn't risk picking them to eat ;)

Linda Brazill

KIRS — There are a number of gardeners I know who grow mushrooms. But you're right, I wouldn't want to take chances unless I could clearly identify my mushrooms from invaders as it were. ​

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