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Friday, October 14, 2022


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Barbara H.

You've had lots of bloom action, Linda. Looks like we will be having freezing nights next week. I always enjoy seeing the usual and unusual plants you use in your wonderful garden.

Linda Brazill

BARBARA — ​I have a mum I planted in 2021 that's finally starting to open. But I am afraid it will get frosted before it ever flowers. I've already covered it twice. Not sure how many times I want to try and protect it.


Where you get your toad lilies? I have a purple one but want more colors.

Linda Brazill

TRACY — Got a lot of them at a local nursery. Check out Digging Dog and Plant Delights for online sources.

danger garden

I can see the photos! I cheated too, my Bloomday post is up today. I love your tricyrtis assortment, I really need to add a couple of them to my garden.

Kris P

Fall looks really good in your garden, Linda! I love the toad lilies, something I tried to grow only to confirm my garden guide's assertion that they won'd grow in my climate. I do have a Japanese anemone and, despite being badly burned during our last 2 heatwaves, it produced buds; however, the recent work on our irrigation system seems to have imperiled the plant's very existence :(

Linda Brazill

DANGER — I've had the best luck with the toad lilies I planted years ago. More mixed results with some of the ones that have come on the market recently.

Linda Brazill

KRIS — I have a Japanese Anemone that is in rather darkish shade, has had a massive rock on it for 6 years and keeps trying to push out. So maybe yours will survive rough treatment.


"Toad lily" is such an awkward name for a such a beautiful plant. The variations in flowers and leaves are very interesting -- a whole garden could be composed just of toad lilies. Alas, I visit your garden to see them because they are totally ungrowable here. Monkshood is chillingly beautiful. I seem to remember watching a movie along the lines of "Ms. Green, in the garden, with a monkshood." Good movie. Gorgeous flower.

Linda Brazill

ELIZABETH — Digging Dog Nursery has a pale silvery blue Monkshood which is beautiful looking. Now that I've actually seen what they look like in person, I think I need them. Maybe next year. And Avant Gardens in MA said they will be offering a white flowered Tricyrtis next year. I was planning on being very restrained on plant purchases next year, and I already have a "want" list.


Lovely photos of lovely blooms. Yes, "almost frost" is a good way to put it. Many of my plants are collapsing, but some are still blooming...until the true frosts/freezes of the the days ahead...

Linda Brazill

BETH — Not looking forward to frost. Though I am hoping that means we will get some classic Indian summer days afterwards.

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